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We concentrate on offering market-leading interaction analytics to our clients, allowing them to examine each conversation, event, and transaction.

By applying Interaction Analytics in real-time we are able to drive immediate action to alert on potential non-compliance, customer vulnerability or situations that require escalating.  No matter what platform the contact was collected on, we are able to analyze every interaction and give unique insights, identifying trends, problems, and areas of opportunity.

Transcribing speech and video interactions is at the core of our analytics expertise. We use Speechmatics' industry-leading natural language processing and neural network technology to convert speech to text with the highest level of accuracy possible.

Then, we employ smart analytics to find keywords and keyphrases as well as to evaluate their proximity. This permits us to grasp the tone of the conversation as well as the words that were or were not stated.

With the use of this formidable combination, we are able to confirm compliance, discover potential warning signs of consumer vulnerability, and flag customer satisfaction issues to the appropriate parties all at once.

We can examine the big picture because we can use our interaction analytics across all communication channels, including voice and text, and because we can use rich tagging from data feeds and transactional systems.

We can identify patterns in transactions, trends in client behavior, and the kinds of situations you are dealing with. We can connect areas of interest across several discussions or events and spot abnormalities across transactions over time that would have been missed otherwise, all of which provide insightful information about your business.

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